Singapore struggles to control cyberspace

One of the most wired countries in the world looks set to implement new media regulations seen by some as a bid to stifle independent news and information.According to the law, websites that frequently report on Singapore news will have to apply for a license under the Media Development Authority. They will be required to pay a deposit of 50,000 Singapore dollars ($39,500) and will be subjected to government content regulations that demand objectionable content be removed within 24 hours. see:Singaporeans Protest New Internet Rules
Concerned that Singaporean authorities might be trying to curb online dissent, over a thousand people gathered Saturday to protest new licensing rules over certain websites that report regularly on the city-state.The demonstration — the third major show of public dissent this year in Singapore — came despite repeated assurances from public officials that the new rules aren’t meant to curb citizens’ freedom of expression.

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