Singapore Asia’s #1 in Startup Mobility and Education in Asia: Youth Mobility Report

Singapore has been ranked Asia’s number one country for Start-up Mobility and in the Education sector according to a recent Youth Mobility Report (YMI) from the team behind the .asia top level domain.

Singapore scored well with its highly educated workforce and ranked well in nurturing start-up talents. Singaporeans also enjoy a high degree of travel freedom according to the annual Henley Passport Index in which the country’s passport ranks the world’s second most powerful. This is also reflected in YMI.Asia, which ranks Singapore as number one in Inbound-Outbound Student Force, ahead of Hong Kong. Its competency in Education Mobility and an outstanding score in English Proficiency also helped Singapore to the number one position.

“YMI.Asia rankings are built on our decade long experience engaging millennials across Asia on Internet Governance issues and designed to help aspiring young leaders kickstart their ideas for Asia. It is also my hope that YMI.Asia could inspire further studies to support and inform policy development locally and regionally to empower youth and enhance digital mobility across Asia,” said Mr Edmon Chung, Chief Executive Officer, DotAsia Organisation.

According to the report, Hong Kong came in second. Hong Kong is often regarded as Singapore’s strongest rival and demonstrated strong dominance over Entrepreneurship Mobility, with high scoring in total Torrent (i.e. combined outbound and inbound students, migrant, travellers, goods and services).

Third and fourth were Japan and Korea respectively. They achieved the highest score in Employment Mobility and overall Sustainability Factor respectively, and a high mobility advantage over the traditional GDP per capita economic measure.

Fifth was Taiwan which beat Hong Kong as the most fun place for mobile youth in the Life Experience (LifeX) sub-index within the YMI.

The YMI.Asia report included 2 subcomponents designed specifically for youth with interesting results from Cost-Happiness Performance and Life Experience Index (LifeX). Cost-Happiness Performance is a measure of happiness over the cost of living at a locality, which is most relevant for cash-strapped youth upstarts.

DotASIA’s Youth Mobility Index is one of the meaningful initiatives across Asia such as the One Laptop per Child initiative in Asia, Creative Commons in Asia, Wikipedia and Wikimania events in Asia among other Asia Internet community development work such as the Information Society Innovations Fund (ISIF.Asia), the charity media Go.Asia and the free crowdfunding platform Give.Asia. One of DotAsia’s flagship programs standing tall, is the NetMission program, which is a youth ambassadors program for youth, by youth, focused on Internet governance issues from digital divide to privacy and social innovation. NetMission alumni have been elected to regional and global Internet leadership positions and committees, and have sparked a global movement with the first Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) in Asia and the first NextGen@ICANN.

Today, many regional and national IGF initiatives include a youth component and NextGen has become a regular program featured at every ICANN meeting, and DotAsia says they’re proud to have been there to seed the spark that has ignited a global flame.

To commemorate the first decade of .Asia, and building on their decade long dedication and knowledge in supporting youth engagement and development in Asia, a special taskforce was commissioned to look into an initiative that could become a beacon for DotAsia into the future.

Looking to the future, DotASIA has great aspirations for YMI to become a tool that could support young innovators in Asia. It’s envisaged the rankings could help young entrepreneurs think where they might go to kickstart their idea, or for students to consider where to go for university and where to aim for landing their first job. More importantly, they hope that the YMI could inspire further studies to support and inform policy development locally and regionally to enhance youth mobility across the region.