Silencing our basic freedom – censorship in Australia

Censorship isn’t just confined to countries such as China, Iran and other like countries. Australia also has its fair share. An article in The Australian newspaper (27/6) looks at what are basically attempts by government, state and federal, to silence whistle blowers, public/civil servants and journalists. Even 10 years ago there wasn’t such effort made to silence people such as these. But now it seems de rigueur.In the last couple of weeks there was a suspended jail sentence for a whistleblower that brought to everyone’s attention lax security at Sydney Airport. The suspected whistleblower was persecuted, and he denies he had anything to do with it. A couple of journalists were fined for refusing to reveal sources. And it’s made clear to our public servants – do not speak outside your portfolio, or say anything anywhere that may embarrass any Australian government.So who is to blame? I’m tempted to blame more of the attention on the federal Tory government. I’d say they set the agenda. But no government, Tory or Labor, is to exempt from blame.Also see:
Silencing our basic freedom
The recent conviction of public servants and journalists over government leaks is undermining our rights to free speech and accountability, writes Cameron Stewart in The Australian.,20867,21973855-28737,00.html

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