Global Internet Groups to make Significant Announcement about the status of IPv4 Address Pool Thursday

The dwindling supply of IPv4 addresses is the subject of a “significant announcement” to be made this Thursday involving the ICANN CEO, NRO Chair and ISOC President and CEO. The event, a news conference will also discuss the global transition to the next generation of Internet addresses, IPv6.The announcement follows press coverage over the last few weeks about the dwindling pool of IPv4 addresses, the original Internet protocol, and the release of two IPv4 address blocks that were allocated to the Asia-Pacific Regional Internet Registry (RIR), APNIC earlier this week.

The news conference will be held on Thursday, 3 February 2011, at 09:30 US Eastern Standard Time (EST) or 15:00 UTC at the InterContinental Hotel and Resort – Miami.For more information see or