SIDN releases numerical domain name investigation results

SIDN logoThe controversial launch of .nl numerical domain names has been investigated by SIDN, the .nl registry, following complaints by a number of participants in the landrush between February 28 and 29.

SIDN’s research found in the first hour of the landrush there was an intense demand for the domain names from two participants. As a result, SIDN have held discussions with the two parties, discussing with them their responsibilities, and as a result, 4,060 of the numerical domain names registered by these two parties have been made available again for registration.

SIDN’s research found the two parties in question used software they had developed or modified to enable them to register larger numbers of the names than would have otherwise been possible.

Currently a date has not been set for the domain names in question to be made available with discussion between SIDN and the two parties currently underway.

Since the landrush for numerical domain names, SIDN claim there has been no problems with the registration process with a healthy number of names continuing to be registered.

The original announcement by SIDN on the result of their investigation is currently only available in Dutch on their website at,727,5577,,,,Uitkomst_landrush_gecorrigeerd.html.

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