SIDN introduces dispute resolution rules for .nl Domain Names

SIDN logoSpeedy and inexpensive alternative to the courts

SIDN, the .nl registry, announced that on 28 February 2008 it will introduce the dispute resolution rules for .nl domain names. The rules will replace the current arbitration process and will apply to all .nl domain names. The Regulations for registration of .nl domain names will be amended too as a result of the replacement. The dispute resolution rules represent a speedy, straightforward and inexpensive alternative to the courts. Disputes are resolved by qualified independent specialists in the field of domain names and intellectual property rights.

SIDN registers .nl domain names electronically without monitoring in advance whether the registrant (the domain name holder) who registers the domain name has infringed the rights of another party. If another party’s rights have been violated, the dispute may be referred to the courts if the parties fail to resolve the matter between themselves; the courts will then determine whether the domain name must be relinquished or transferred.

Roelof Meijer, CEO SIDN: “By introducing the dispute resolution rules we are complying with an advice given by the local internet community at the Domain Name Debat 2006. The dispute resolution rules has a number of advantages over the current arbitration process. For example the rules will apply to all .nl domain names and the rules offer more extensive grounds than intellectual property right as trademarks and tradenames only. We are convinced that the dispute resolution rules will contribute to the quality of the .nl domain.”

Click here for further information on the new dispute resolution rules.

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