SIDN increases registry fees from 1 January by average of 2%

SIDN logoSIDN has decided to increase its registry fees from 1 January 2008 by an average of 2 per cent. The move is necessitated by rising costs.

From the same date, a new fee will be introduced: an Unfounded Objection Fee, which will be payable in respect of each objection to a registrar change (domain name relocation) that proves to be unfounded. The introduction of this fee follows a sharp rise in the number of objections received to proposed registrar changes. In many cases, it appears that these objections are made as a matter of course, rather than at the request of the registrant. This situation has been generating a high volume of complaints. As a deterrence to objection as a matter of course, an Unfounded Objection Fee of €10 will be payable on each occasion that an objection is rejected.

In addition, we are presently examining the cost of our various services. To bring our fees more closely into line with the underlying costs, many will be adjusted with effect from 1 January 2009, with some going up and others going down. Naturally, you will be informed about our plans in good time.

The fees payable from 1 January 2008 are listed below:

What 2007 2008
Registrar category I Fee € 150,- € 155,-
Registrar category II Fee € 20,- € 20,50
New Registration Fee € 0,50 € 0,51
Moving or changing the domain name holder € 0,50 € 0,51
Subscription fee for a domain name € 0,90 € 0,92
Wrongly moving a domain name € 100,- € 102,-
Wrongly changing a domain name holder € 100,- € 102,-
Subscription fee for a personal domain name € 0,25
Partial or Full Takeover Fee € 225,- € 225,-
Registrarship Unlocking Fee € 225,- € 230,-
Unfounded Objection Fee € 10,-

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