Shutting Down Domain Crooks

A good registrar will ask a client for their details to place in the whois if the information is provided by the client is false the domain will not be registered. Domain applications being submitted to registrars are not getting flagged and causing issues with spam, Cyber squatting and obtaining information by deception. Large Corporations protect there interests by brand protecting there name and obtaining there name on a world wide scale covering the ccTLD market and the generic name spaces. ICANN are aware of this problem and are taking action.

Burnette told UPI that ICANN has no authority to directly target spammers and other criminals who register domain names and that the registrars it accredits are not required to proactively ensure the accuracy of their registrants’ WHOIS information. But they are obliged to follow up reports from ICANN or from the public about missing or incorrect WHOIS data.

“If we find that registrars are not investigating reports (of inaccurate or non-existent WHOIS data) as they are required to, our escalation procedure can ultimately result in their accreditation being terminated,” effectively shutting them down, she said.

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