.SHOP And .SITE Get Chinese Government Approval

Following the Chinese government approval to allow .xyz, .club and .vip domain names to be hosted in China, two more new gTLDs have gained approval – .shop and .site. Currently .site has 602,000 registrations and .shop 112,000 making then the 8th and 27th largest by registration numbers.Chinese registrants already make up the largest group of registrants by country for .site with 83% of registrations coming from China while for .shop it is 9% of registrations, the 4th largest, according to NameStat.org.The new generic Top Level Domains operated by GMO Registry and Radix respectively should gain a huge boost from Chinese registrants and domain investors (domainers) as the terms “shop” and “site” are widely understood in China, much like with the three previous new gTLDs to have gained approval.The only other top level domains to have gained such approval are Verisign’s .com and .net.But the approval comes with a number of conditions such as complying with Chinese domain name management, making registrant contact data available to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), create a user complaints hotline and report each quarter on the gTLD’s operation.And as with the approval of .xyz, .club and .vip, it appears there is a downside with the Chinese government monitoring registration data.Radix announced they will launch in China on 11 January.