Shaping the Internet of the Future: DENIC Employees as Representatives in Various ICANN Bodies

In February, ICANN announced the members of the second Security, Stability & Resilience (SSR2) Review Team. Among the 15 persons selected to the international team is Boban Krsic, Chief Information Security Officer at DENIC. In line with ICANN's principle of multistakeholderism and diversity, the team includes representatives from all groups of the Internet community.

The foundation of the Security, Stability & Resilience Review Team is laid down in the ICANN Bylaws. Within the scope of so-called “Specific Reviews” it investigates and assesses if ICANN successfully implements its commitment to enhance the security, stability and resiliency of the Domain Name System (DNS). As the name suggests, the SSR2 is the second team to carry out this review. Consequently, the team must also verify the extent to which the recommendations of the prior SSR Review of 2012 have been implemented and have had the intended effect. The Review is conducted at least every five years, measured from the date the previous SSR Review Team was convened.

The SSR2 Review Team will come together for its first face-to-face meeting in mid-March during ICANN 58 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. An on-site Public Consultation session is scheduled to be held prior to the SSR2 meeting in order to gather input from the community, which will then be taken into account for defining the work scope of the Team. The Team's final report is expected to be published in March 2018.

Already in October 2016, the ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organization) appointed DENIC's Policy Advisor Peter Koch to represent the ccTLDs at the then newly founded 9-member Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (RZERC).

With these two representatives, DENIC supports (another) two bodies that share DENIC's mission of promoting and maintaining a reliable and secure Internet.

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