Future Likely To Lie In Mainstream

Since the recent purchase of for a record price of $13 million to a Caribbean company based in the offshore tax haven of St Vincent and Grenadines by a company called Clover Holdings, the owner has been secretive. But TechCrunch has tracked down the owner for an interview of the plans for the domain.The domain is currently parked and brings in 125,000 visitors daily, mostly from the US, India and Germany, while the registrant works out what to do with it. According to the interview, even if the website is not developed, it could potentially recoup the $13 million purchase price by 2024. However this would be a poor investment, so it is certain that it will be developed.TechCrunch says there have been “a handful of interesting offers from mainstream media companies, technology companies and even one from the pharmaceutical industry” but nothing has been confirmed. But there is a deadline the registrant is working towards.And why not jump straight into the online porn industry the article asks? Because that would potentially rule out more mainstream options, a path they would prefer to follow.To read the interview with the unidentified registrant, see