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Seven Week Run Of Six-Figure Sales Comes To Abrupt End

Domain Name Journal logoIt had to come to an end eventually, and the seven week run of six-figure sales to top the Domain Name Journal sales chart abruptly ended in the week ending 19 May with the top seller,, going for a comparatively measly $32,500 in a sale brokered by Afternic.

Second for the week was, which sold for $29,500 through Sedo, while there was a tied for third with and selling for $19,000 through Sedo and Afternic respectively.

The lack of any big sales for the week allowed country code domains to feature prominently on the sales chart with nine of the top 21 (a tie for 20th) sales. These included three .me and domains and one each for, .pl and .it, while the remaining 12 were .com domains.

Sedo had a good week on the chart with 15 of the sales, while Afternic had three and a newcomer, Brands-and-Jingles, had two.

To check out the Domain Name Journal list of top reported domain name sales for the week ending 19 May, go to: