Selling your .AU domain names

Recently i have acquired a brochure from .AUDA and it goes through the policies of selling your .COM.AU domain name. So if you are looking at selling your .COM.AU on the aftermarket here is a few rules and regulations that you might want to read before going ahead.

They go through the usual policies then the key elements of selling your domain.

– You cannot register a domain name for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to a third party.

– You cannot transfer your domain name for the first six months after it is registered (this does not apply to domain names that been renewed or previously transferred). You can apply to auDA for authrorisation to trasnfer within the first six months in special circumstances.

– After six months, you can offer your domain name for sale by any means.

– The buyer must comply with normal eligibility and allocation rules for .au domain names.

– Transfers will be processed by the registrar of record using a standard transfer form, and the registrar may be charge a transfer fee.

I hope this helps our readers.