Selling of .au Domain Names Soon to be Allowed

Selling of .au Domain Names Soon to be Allowed
As previously flagged on, auDA, the Australian policy and regulatory body is changing the rules for .au domain names to allow registrants to openly sell their names, albeit with the current eligibility requirements.The new policy is outlined in the news release below, and is discussed in the Fairfax newspapers article, also below.New .au registrant transfers policy – implementation update 26/02/08 [news release]
In December 2007, the auDA Board approved a recommendation from the 2007 Names Policy Panel that the Transfers (Change of Registrant) Policy be relaxed to allow a registrant to transfer their domain name licence to another eligible entity, for any reason. The auDA Board has approved an implementation plan for the new transfers policy. coming dot AU property boom
“The auDA board has recently accepted the recommendations of our review panel to lift the ban on advertising Australian domain names for sale,” he says. Work on implementing the change in policy has already begun and could be finished by as early as June this year. “We’ve got some administrative bits and pieces to work out first, and then there’ll need to be some changes made to the software and systems used at the registrars. We’re also mindful there’ll need to be a program of public education so the general public is aware of the new policy.

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