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Sedo Sales Plateau in Q2 With Increased Marketplace Competition

Sedo logoSedo powered 9,589 transactions with a mean average price of $1,830 across all sales and a median price of $551 according to the latest Sedo Domain Market Study for the second quarter of 2013.

The report also notes that domain names in 118 different TLDs were sold through Sedo in the quarter setting a record for the number traded in one quarter. This is an eight percent increase from the same quarter a year earlier where 109 different extensions were traded, and a 250 percent increase from the 33 extensions that were traded during the twelve months of 2003, when Sedo began reporting the figure.

“We’re going to see the market flooded with hundreds of new domain extensions in the coming months and years, and our data shows that investors and corporations are evidently warming up to the idea of using different extensions,” said Tobias Flaitz, Sedo’s CEO. “It will take time and effort before we see mass adoption of new TLDs, and Sedo is contributing its part to raise awareness through global marketing, sales efforts and partnerships with applicants. The fact that more extensions than ever are being traded and successfully used for business is a promising development.”

Further supporting this observation, .co was among the top ten most frequently sold TLDs on Sedo’s marketplace for the second consecutive quarter. In addition, the report shows a continued global expansion in the market with Sedo buyers coming from 160 different countries and Chinese dot-coms accounting for two of the top ten valued sales.

Additional highlights from Sedo’s Q2 2013 Market Study:

  • .com remained the most popular extension in both price and volume. The average price for a .com domain was $1,937 and the extension accounted for 53 percent of all sales during the quarter.
  • .de was the second most highly-traded extension accounting for 15 percent of transactions, followed by .net and which each accounted for four percent.
  • the United States accounted for 37 percent of all sales brokered by Sedo, followed by Germany with 21 percent and the United Kingdom with eight percent.
  • sales volume and sales value both dropped for the quarter although are higher than for either of the last two quarters of 2012, with the decline possibly reflecting an increase in competition from other domain name marketplaces
  • distribution among sales channels remained fairly constant compared to previous quarters with Buy Now sales accounting for 42 percent, Offer-Counteroffer 36 percent, Auctions 12 percent, Brokerage five percent and External Transfers five percent.
  • the most frequent price range for domains sold was for those below $500, which accounted for 53 percent of sales. Domains priced between $501 and $2,500 were the next most popular accounting for 35 percent, followed by the $2,501-$5,000 price range at seven percent.
  • the average price of .com domains remained fairly steady when compared to past quarters while others have seen significant fluctuation. .Org and .net domains have taken a steep decline in recent quarters, with .net falling to $1,256 from a peak of $2,054 in Q4 2012, and .org falling to $1,103 from a peak of $1,653 in the first quarter of 2013.
  • the three highest-valued sales of the quarter were for $300,000, for $252,000 and for $140,000. In addition the Chinese domain sold for $66,666, as the ninth-highest sale of the quarter, showing continued global expansion in the market.

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