Sedo report on growth of secondary domain name market in 2007

Sedo has released its latest report, “Sedo’s Secondary Domain Market Study for 2007,” on the secondary domain name market. In 2007 Sedo, through its online marketplace, sold 27,270 domains with a value of £37,048,960, a 60 per cent increase on 2006. The most expensive of these was for US$1,100,000 followed by for $500,000.The average price for domain names was £1,359, an average increase of only five per cent, however this figure varied widely among TLDs. 46 percent of domain names sold were .com, 20 per cent were .de with the next highest TLD being .eu with six per cent of all domain names transferred. One statistic that is quite surprising is the number of TLDs that were transferred decreased by 6%. Sedo says this can be attributed to a greater general focus in 2007 on particular TLDs.Among the TLDs, in 2007 there was an increase in both the number of domain names sold through Sedo and also in the amount for which the domains were sold. The average price rose by the following amounts: .com (+54%), .net (+37%), .org (+27%) and .biz (+27%). However the average price of .info domain names decreased by 20%. Sedo attributes this to an overabundance of this TLD in the market.Among the gTLDs, .com accounted for by far the most value in domain names sold with £31,822,091 (up from £13,497,118 in 2006) with an average value of £2,563 (£1,664 in 2006). Following a long way behind was .net with 1,484 names sold with a total value of £1,541,568 averaging £1,039 each.Amongst the ccTLDs, .de was dominant with 4,954 domains sold in 2007 (3,653 in 2006) with an average sale price of £1,017. This was down on the 2006 figure of £1,280. Next was .eu with 1,598 sales (1,125 in 2006) and an average sale price of £724 (down from £1,055 in 2006). Of the ccTLDs, .uk was third in total sales in 2007 with 832 sales (603 in 2006) and the highest average sale of all ccTLDs at £3,461. Notably there was an increase in the sale price of .uk domains compared to 2006 of almost 70 per cent (from £2,047) while .at Austria) suffered the highest decrease in overall sales value – approximately 60 per cent to £582.The total value of sale of ccTLD domain names was £1,186,477 from 1,598 sales. Interestingly, while there were only 323 sales of .es domain names (up from 130 in 2006), the average price of these sales was the second highest at £2,363.The full report is available from

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