Sedo Launches New Expiring Domains Webpage for Domainers and SEOs

Sedo have launched a new service to assist in finding valuable and affordable domain names. They can now be found directly and easily on their new website: The site offers numerous filter settings and an export function. SEOs and domain investors can find soon to be released domains quickly and efficiently. There’s also a basic and expert mode.

For beginners there’s an overview of this new access using the “Basic Mode” view. This view defaults to the most popular filter settings. The “Expert Mode” offers domain professionals additional and more complex filters for an even more defined selection. Using the export function, all search results can be downloaded and cross-referenced within your preferred SEO tools.

Investors can easily search for domains using filters that can easily highlight valuable assets and filter out less than desirable attributes, such as hyphens, numbers, IDNs or target specific TLDs or domain length.

Every day, 2,000 new domains are added to the Expiring Domains inventory, enabling the possibility to always have the chance to find some real domain gems that already have a backlink profile and existing traffic. Starting bids for Sedo’s Expiring Domains auctions is just $79, allowing just about anyone the opportunity to buy valuable domains at low cost.