Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in BlackBerry talks

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will hold talks with the UAE over the ongoing BlackBerry dispute.The United Arab Emirates has said it intends to prevent the phones sending e-mails, accessing the internet, and delivering instant messages.Authorities are unhappy that they are unable to monitor such encrypted communications via the handsets.Mrs Clinton said authorities had to balance “legitimate security concerns” with “right of free use and access”.To read this BBC News report in full, see: see:Lebanon wants programme to access BlackBerry info
Lebanon hopes BlackBerry maker Research In Motion will give the country a programme that would allow it to access information used on the smartphone device, the telecommunications minister said.RIM is facing pressure to open up its super-secure network to government scrutiny with a growing number of countries demanding access to encrypted communications sent through the device, citing national security concerns.’s armour has cracks, security experts say
Research in Motion’s resistance to giving governments access to its BlackBerry network misses a major point — authorities could probably hack the data on their own if they want it badly enough, security experts say.Indeed, a major attack against BlackBerry users by a telecom in the United Arab Emirates employed that very tactic a year ago, according to RIM. Experts say other malicious programs are likely to be lurking around, readying to be sprung., RIM talks progress as Blackberry ban looms
Saudi Arabia and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion are making progress in talks over access to the device’s encrypted network, a source close to the negotiations said, and the kingdom had yet to carry out threats to cut its Messenger service early Friday morning.Canada also said it is talking to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to resolve a fight over BlackBerry security that could jeopardize the growth of RIM, the country’s most important tech exporter.

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