Second Level .UK Registrations Top Six Figures In Under 4 Weeks

The launch of second level .uk registrations has been a success with over 100,000 registrations since their launch on 10 June, but there were almost 225,000 registrations across all .uk domains meaning registrations of, and domains were greater than .uk.But it was a bumper month for .uk (United Kingdom), and the biggest since March 2000 when registrations nudged 225,000.”Given that the domain name market is more competitive than ever before, this is a fantastic endorsement of the power of the UK brand,” Eleanor Bradley, Nominet’s Chief Operating Officer said.”We’re pleased not only that our new .uk domain has hit this milestone, but that other .uk domains such as and continue to be so popular as hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) hit the market. It shows that highlighting your UK connection continues to be a compelling prospect for businesses and individuals online.”Existing .uk registrants are being given first choice to register their existing third level domain (eg. with the corresponding second level domain. However Nominet note that new second level registrations are proving popular with over one third (36%) being new, unique registrations in the past week.There are over 10.5 million domains registered in the UK namespace making it the third largest ccTLD behind .tk (Tokelau) with 24.5 million registrations, but these domains are given away for free. Second is .de (Germany) with 15.7 million registrations.Including gTLDs, .com is the largest TLD with 113.5 million registrations, followed by .tk, .de, .net (15.2m), .uk and then .org (15.2m).The above statistics come from registry websites, and