Second Level .JP Domain Names Pass 1 Million Registrations

Japan_Registry_Services_logoThe number of second level .jp domain names passed the one million registrations mark on 1 September, Japan Registry Services, reaching 1,002,374.

Second level registrations in the Japanese country code top level domain (ccTLD) are open to individuals, groups, or organisations that have postal addresses in Japan and can be registered in both ASCII and Japanese. The one millionth registration took about 16 years and 7 months to reach.

Besides the general-use second level .jp domain names there are third level registrations under, for example, which can be registered only by organisations or companies with postal addresses in Japan. Prefecture .jp domain names such as and .北海道.jp include one of the names of the 47 prefectures in its structure. As of September 1, 2017, the cumulative number of registered JP domain names as a whole is over 1.48 million and about 70% of the names are second level .jp domain names.