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Second Level Registrations Coming To .ID

Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia - PANDI - logoThe Indonesian ccTLD operator Pandi has announced it will begin offering second level .id domain names as of 20 January. The changes were announced in mid-December.

To begin a Sunrise phase will run for three months where trademark holders in Indonesia will get to register their relevant domain names. Then there will be a “Grandfather” phase for existing registrants of and domain names that will last for two months. And then prior to general availability will be a Landrush phase.

On 17 August, Indonesia’s Independence Day, general availability for eligible registrants will commence.

According to media reports, eligibility for second level registrations is unknown. Currently there are eleven second level domains (for third level registrations) and there are different eligibility rules for most of these.

The media reports note that “the most popular ‘’ requires the buyer present a business permit and a tax identification number (NPWP), whereas you only need to present your national card if you want to buy a ‘’ domain.”