.SE Passes One Million Registrations

.SE - Sweden - logoThe one million registrations mark for .SE (Sweden) domain names has been reached according to an announcement from the registry, .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation).

The landmark for active domain names was reached in the last few days. The first .SE domain name was registered in 1986 however growth was slow in the early 2000s because only legal entities could register .SE domains.

The number of registrations increased significantly in 2003, when rules were relaxed so that private people could also register.se domains. The number of active domains more than doubled that year, from 106,349 to 214,389. Three years later, the 500,000th active .SE registration was reached.

“The target was based on a forecast of the market’s growth and the share that we wanted to take. Reaching the million mark now is acknowledgement that we have succeeded in making .se the first choice for top-level domains here in Sweden,” says Danny Aerts.

Today in Sweden, .SE domain names account for almost three in every five (58%) of all domain names registered.

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