.SE opens the .se-domain to more languages

It is now possible to register .se domain names written in any of Sweden’s five official minority languages, as well as Danish, Faroese, Icelandic and Norwegian.

The first domain name registered under the new rules was “hør.se”, soon to be followed by the first domain name written in Yiddish: “יעקב.se”.

It has been possible for some time to use internationalized domain names (IDN) in most web browsers. Email, however, is another matter. There is currently no generally accepted method for using IDN in email addresses.

“This is an important step towards increasing the diversity of the Internet,” says Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder, project manager for IDN at .SE. “We want .SE to be the natural choice for all domain holders with activities in Sweden, and that includes those speaking a minority language.”

Today’s release brings the total number of characters that can be used in a .se domain name to 242.

About .SE
.SE (the Internet Infrastructure Foundation) is responsible for the Swedish Internet top-level domain, .se. As the central registry, .SE manages domain name registrations and the administrative and technical operation of the national domain name system. As an independent non-profit organisation, .SE supports a positive development of the Internet in Sweden. Through .SE’s Internet Fund, .SE annually supports projects contributing to the development and utilisation of the Internet. Today, more than 650 000 domain names are registered at .SE. The organisation’s more than 200 registrars are resellers of domain names. For more information, see www.iis.se.

This news release, with contacts at .SE, was sourced from http://iis.se/english/nyheter/news/2007-09-06