.SE Changes Its Name To IIS

IIS .SE Sweden logoThe .se registry has changed its name to IIS from .SE.

Ten years ago, the foundation changed its name and started to be called .SE. The connection to the Swedish ccTLD could not have been more clear, but when the organisation took over responsibility for the .nu a couple of years ago, the foundation believed it had outgrown its name.

From an organisation of around 30 people who almost completely devoted their time to the administration and operation of .se, they have now grown to over 70 employees, with a much broader focus.

The ccTLD is, of course, still their most important assignment. To run .se in a secure and stable way is a large responsibility one the organisation takes very seriously. But to better reflect the organisation’s broad focus and to make a more clear connection between name and what they actually are, from today the registry will go by the name IIS, which stands for the Internet Foundation in Sweden.

But it’s not totally a new name. The foundation was for a long time known as “II-Stiftelsen”, which gave the domain iis.se that has been using for fifteen years. So to keep the domain they have changed their name to fit.

Today there is a new/old name and a new logo, but during the year there will be even more changes. All of the brands, including Webbstjärnan and Bredbandskollen, have logos that contain the old .SE logo. Before the year is over, these will also be changed.