Scotland to apply for .scot

The worldwide family of Scottish people will be linked by a .scot gTLD in the future, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond said on the eve of a visit to the Spanish region of Catalonia to discuss links between the two, and in part to hear of the success of the .cat gTLD that now has 30,000 registrations.”The time is ripe for the worldwide family of Scots to have their own domain reflecting an online community defined by a shared commitment to Scottish identity, culture and economic promotion, Mr Salmond said ahead of the visit.”It is not only for Scots who live in Scotland but for our extensive diaspora and it will be particularly appropriate for a bid to be made during the 2009 Year of Homecoming.'”A bid for a .scot gTLD is likely to come about in 2009 when it is expected ICANN will call for applications for new gTLDs.The Scottish Government has set up a working group to prepare the ground for a bid.Support for the bid has been demonstrated by “research carried out by the Office of the Chief Researcher found that 58 per cent of Scottish organisations and institutions would welcome a Scottish ‘generic Top Level Domain’, with 48 per cent in favour of .scot – a survey of international social and interest groups reported 82 per cent in favour,” reports The Observer.

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