Scientology fails to delete crazy Tom Cruise video

As Gawker head Nick Denton notes, the crazy nine-minute video of Tom Cruise preaching about Scientology has been floating around the electronic tubes for a few days now, popping up on YouTube, Google Video and other sharing sites, and then on blogs linking to those sites, for a few hours at a time before it gets pulled down at the request of the Church of Scientology.The video — which seems like some sort of Scientology pitch film, in which Cruise describes the advantages of KSW (“Keeping Scientology Working”) and the dangers of SPs and PTSs (suppressive persons and potential trouble sources) — is copyrighted by the Church of Scientology. (I’ve put in a request with the Church to ask about why they’re pulling it down.) lauds Scientology in Web video [Reuters]
A video of actor Tom Cruise touting himself and fellow Scientologists as “authorities on the mind” has appeared on the Internet, coinciding with a new biography that examines his role in the movement.

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