Saudi Registry To Open Second Level Registrations

The registry for .SA domains, the Saudi Network Information Center, has unveiled plans to allow for registrations at the second level.

Existing registrants with a third level domain are entitled to submit an application by 6 December 2010 for the corresponding domain name at the second level.

Following this, a Sunrise period will operate from 6 December to 7 March 2011 where SaudiNIC shall accept applications for registration of a second level domain name by existing third level registrants meeting the criteria set forth in this second level domain regulation. Only qualified registrants may submit an application for a .SA second level domain name during the Sunrise Phase.

A Landrush phase will follow where SaudiNIC shall begin accepting applications for registration of .SA second level domain names from members of the general public. The Landrush phase commences on 2 May.

A qualified registrant is an entity or individual who has registered a domain name with SaudiNIC before the Sunrise Phase provided that its registration application date is before the qualification date.

Eligible registrants for .SA domain names must be an entity physically located in Saudi Arabia, a person “not underage” with a Saudi national identification card or equivalent document issued by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia or a business trading in Saudi Arabia.

All dates used by SaudiNIC are according to the Hijri calendar, which is based on the Umm AlQura calendar. Dates given above are from SaudiNIC and the equivalent dates in the Gregorian calendar, or western calendar, are also given by SaudiNIC.

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