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Satisfaction with DNS.be remains consistently high!

DNS.be logo[news release] As it does each year, DNS.be has again surveyed its registrars to gauge their level of satisfaction. And with an overall score of 8.40, satisfaction remains at a consistently high level.

DNS.be attaches a great deal of importance to its registrars’ feedback  which is why it invited all 451 of them to take part in the latest satisfaction survey. Out of those 451 registrars, a record 143 (31.7%) completed the survey. Taken together, these 143 registrars represent 48% of all .be domain names. In addition to the overall figure for satisfaction, registrars also scored DNS.be consistently high for the various areas of service it provides.
Each year, DNS.be also polls its registrars about their satisfaction with other registries. Judging by the overall satisfaction score of 8.40, DNS.be is still clearly ahead of the rest.
DNS.be continues to make every effort to improve the level of satisfaction among its registrars, year after year – succeeding once again in 2012.
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