San Francisco puts mobile phone radiation law on hold

San Francisco puts cell phone radiation law on hold
San Francisco has rarely shied away from a legal fight over its cutting-edge laws – be it Walgreens suing over the ban on selling cigarettes in drug stores or restaurants taking the city to court over its requirement that employers provide health care coverage.But the city’s first-of-its-kind mandate requiring that retailers of cell phones label them with radiation levels has been placed on indefinite hold, and a watered-down version is likely to be passed in its place.To read this San Francisco Chronicle report in full, see: see:San Francisco backtracks on cell phone radiation bill
The City of San Francisco’s controversial cell phone radiation disclosure bill has been put on “indefinite hold,” and a “watered-down version” will probably be enacted instead. So reports Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle, which says that it’s not just that the City has the jitters about a lawsuit coming from cell phone industry.”It’s also questions about the accuracy of the radiation labels,” the article notes, “which some say could actually lead shoppers to buy phones that emit more radiation than others.”To read this ars technica report in full, see:

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