Samsung tablet not ‘cool’ says UK judge

Samsung has won a UK High Court case against Apple over the design of the firms’ respective tablet computers.Apple brought the case alleging that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10 infringed the design of its iPad.Judge Colin Birss disagreed saying Apple’s designs were not being infringed because Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was not as “cool” as the iPad.As a result, he said, few would confuse the two even though they appeared superficially similar.To continue reading this BBC News report, go to: see:Samsung’s tablet ‘not as cool as iPad’
Samsung won a victory over Apple in the UK high court as part of its world-spanning battle over intellectual property and design after a judge ruled the design of its Galaxy Tab isn’t cool enough to be confused with an iPad.The ruling, by Judge Colin Birss, means that Apple cannot stop the import or sale of the Galaxy Tab 10 under claims it has made that the designs are too close to those of the iPad.

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