Samsung drops Apple sales ban attempts after EC investigation

Samsung has stopped seeking sales bans for Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad in lawsuits in five European countries, apparently after being warned by the European Commission against abusing its ownership of patents essential for standards such as 3G networking.The unexpected boost for Apple in the smartphone patent wars came just hours after it was disappointed in California by Judge Lucy Koh, who turned down its request for a US sales ban on 20 Samsung smartphones and tablets, despite winning $1bn in damages from a jury verdict in August. see:Samsung Ends Its Push for a European Sales Ban on Some Apple Products
Samsung said on Tuesday that it had dropped its request for a ban on sales of certain Apple phones and tablet computers in Europe, a sharp tactical turn in a patent war that the companies have been fighting on multiple fronts around the world.Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, had been seeking injunctions in several countries, including Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, contending that Apple, Samsung’s biggest rival in the smartphone market, had infringed Samsung patents.

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