Safeguarding the Open Internet by Marietje Schaake, a member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Democratic Party

Proposals regarding Internet governance are bound to generate serious friction. The online world, after all, has provided enormous opportunities to billions of denizens, largely because it has never been governed.And yet, as the Internet grows in importance, so do the risks inherent in the lack of regulation. There is a growing danger that the open platform we all cherish will increasingly be colonized by corporate greed, criminal activity, and conflict between states – with ordinary citizens the ultimate victims. It is essential that safeguards be put in place, and that countries and companies alike are bound by principles that encourage them to act in the common interest. see:Understanding the IANA Stewardship Transition and enhancing ICANN’s accountability by Daniel Fink, ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Brazil
March 14th will be remembered as “ground zero” of a challenging journey for the multistakeholder model. It was the date chosen by the United States government to announce its intention to transfer stewardship of the IANA functions. But what is the IANA? Who participates in the process? What exactly does it involve? Hopefully, this article will shed some light on these questions.

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