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.SAARLAND Starts One-Month Landrush

dot SAARLAND logoThe .saarland gTLD commenced its so-called Landrush phase on 23 September, which allows any interested party an early registration until 22 October. During this phase, Saarland residents are granted first rights to their desired domains.

Then as of 30 October, .saarland domains will be generally available to all and can be registered on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Pre-orders for the General Availability of .saarland domains can already be submitted to several registrars.

Saarland is located in the south west of Germany, has an area of 2,570 square kilometres and around 1.01 million inhabitants. It is also Germany’s smallest federal state apart from the city-states of Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg.

For those without a trademark or similar right to protect but desire early or preferred access to a specific domain, they have the possibility to register their desired domain names in the Landrush. Special preference will be given to interested parties with a domicile or business address in the Saarland to further promote the regional character of the TLD, not unlike the process for .london.

“The Landrush provides a unique opportunity to Saarland people to secure their desired domains before anyone else registers these”, said Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the dotSaarland GmbH, the registry of .SAARLAND.

The Landrush will be structured as an application process and will not be “first come, first served”. Applications for identical do-main names will be resolved in an auction process; however local applications will have precedence over other Landrush applications.