Russian President Supports Introduction of .рф Cyrillic TLD

The introduction of internationalised domain names is being supported by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev who, in a briefing from the Minister of Telecommunications and Mass Communications Igor Shchegolev, reproduced on the ISRIA website and translated into English, says that Russia will be submitting an application for the .рф TLD on 16 November when ICANN calls for applications. Medvedev says registration of internationalised domain names will commence at the end of November.In the briefing, Medvedev agrees with the proposition that government agencies and trademark holders will have first choice of .рф domain names “so that we do not end up later having to buy or something of the sort from people with no connection to the Kremlin.”Medvedev also appears to be learning about the benefits of Cyrillic domain names with the interviewer suggesting .рф Cyrillic domain names be used to “to set up a government e-mail system in the .рф zone for communication between the state bodies and citizens. This will make it possible to speed up provision of a whole range of electronic services in areas where an electronic signature is not an absolutely imperative thing.”Medvedev asks if “the introduction of Cyrillic domain names and the spread of the .рф domain will help speed up the electronic government’s development?” When told this is the case he says “Well, that’s a good thing.”To read the briefing in full, check out the ISRIA website at: