Russian internet growth and security widely discussed at Seliger 2012

RU Coordination Center logoThe Coordination Center has partnered with Seliger 2012 International Youth Forum for its Innovation and Enterprise block. From July 1 to July 9, 2012, the Coordination Center representatives, as well as those of the CC’s partners, engaged in a number of sessions with reports on current state of the Internet, its growth prospects and principles of using the Internet safely and effectively.

Andrei Kolesnikov, the Coordination Center’s CEO, told the forum attendees about the past and the future of the global network and its Russian part, sharing his views on the nearest future of the Internet. Kolesnikov thinks the intellectual right would be the first sector to suffer from Internet growth, as performers will have to give concerts in order to break even, the labels become unprofitable and the movies become crowdsourced. He also mentioned that it is virtually impossible to erase information stored in the cyberspace, and everything that is written in the Internet is saved for a long time. “Don’t forget this when you want to write something on the Internet”, Andrei Kolesnikov told the attendees.

Marina Nikerova, Technical Center of Internet’s deputy director, spoke on the history of the domain space, its governing charter and business processes between Internet stakeholders, both in Russia and worldwide. She briefed the atttendees on how ccTLDs, generic and IDN top-level domains are connected and how they affect the growth of the Internet, mentioning ICANN’s new gTLD program, its prospects and Russian applications supported by TCI’s backbone services, such as .SKOLKOVO, .ДЕТИ (“children”), and .TATAR.

Ilya Peresedov, CEO of the Smart Internet Foundation, shared his approach to the so-called “Internet islands”, where users can find Internet resources that correspond to their needs and preferences. According to Peresedov, creating these “islands” for children and teenagers can help in providing the youth with interesting and useful information, which the Smart Internet Foundation aims to do. Applying for .ДЕТИ top-level domain and developing a specific domain space will help to address this issue, Peresedov thinks.

Ilya Sachkov, CEO of Group-IB, told the attendees how to use the Internet safely. Group-IB is one of the leading private information security companies in Russia. In 2011, the Coordination Center has partnered with Group-IB to prevent cybercrime in .РФ and .RU top-level domains.

“Seliger is an unique ground that unites the most bright members of Russian youth. The Coordination Center tries to address the younger audiences more and more as they are the most active part of the Internet society and they will define what the Internet will look like in 10, 20 or 30 years, — Andrei Kolesnikov, the Coordination Center’s CEO, says. – This is our first experience as a partner of the forum, and a very positive one indeed – we could see that the young attendees were very interested and wanted to know more”.

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