Russian .РФ Rockets Past 800,000

RU Coordination Center logoThe .РФ internationalised top level domain, the Russian Cyrillic IDN, rocketed past 800,000 active registrations on 4 April 2011, less than five months after it became available for general registration.

At the time registration became open to all, there were 18,391 domains registered, and then in its first month, starting 11 November 2010, there were another 596,294 domain names registered. Since then monthly registration figures have dropped dramatically with 85,742 domains registered in month two, then 35,872, 31,824 and 28,686 registrations in subsequent months.

The .РФ IDN appears to have been easily the most successful IDN launch since ICANN began approving the IDN ccTLDs. It has also become the 15th largest European TLD, recently passing the Czech ccTLD .CZ.

What makes .РФ even more impressive is that it is only available for Russian individuals and businesses for the first 12 months.

It has also been much more successful than the widely publicised .CO that hit 500,000 active registrations in September 2010, the last time the registry made statistics publicly available.

The .РФ registry also announced the share of already delegated domains, the domains in operation, hit almost 57 per cent, or 453, 395, domains. Thus, each day the number of Russian companies, which use IDN TLD .РФ for their websites, has been growing.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .РФ domain name, check out Europe Registry here.