Russia to monitor ‘all communications’ at Winter Olympics in Sochi

Athletes and spectators attending the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February will face some of the most invasive and systematic spying and surveillance in the history of the Games, documents shared with the Guardian show.Russia’s powerful FSB security service plans to ensure that no communication by competitors or spectators goes unmonitored during the event, according to a dossier compiled by a team of Russian investigative journalists looking into preparations for the 2014 Games. seeSochi surveillance: how we got the documents, and what they show
Through our research, we examined dozens of open sources including technical documents published on the government’s procurement agency website, Russian law requires all government agencies, including the secret services, to buy the equipment through this site.We studied presentations and public statements made by government officials and top managers of firms involved with the Sochi Olympics and Sochi city. We also gathered public records of government oversight agencies such as the telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor. For example, we found documents showing how the watchdog monitored how properly Sochi’s ISPs were installing Sorm; we also found presentation documents about using Sorm at the Games which were drawn up by RNT, a firm tasked by the FSB with developing an information security architecture for Sochi. Sochi Olympic venues are built, so are Kremlin’s surveillance networks
When Russia was awarded the Sochi Olympics back in 2007, there were celebrations as the country secured its first major sporting event since 1991. Vladimir Putin himself travelled to Guatemala, addressed the International Olympic Committee in English and basked in the limelight. The Sochi Olympics became his personal pet project.With the city situated close to the various insurgencies of the North Caucasus, it soon became apparent that security concerns would be paramount. But it was not only the terrorist threat that had to be considered.

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