Russia Rejects Neo-Nazis Domain and Forced Onto Dark Web to Stay Alive

The Neo-Nazi website for The Daily Stormer is currently on a bit of a world tour of top level domains trying to find a home. After first GoDaddy and then Google deleted their .com domain names, they then briefly tried a .ru domain, which was also quickly deleted.

The problems have come about following the horrendous events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and an article was published attacking Heather Heyer, the anti-racism activist that was killed Saturday while demonstrating against the “alt-right” white nationalist movement, reported Newsweek.

The Daily Stormer’s founder Andrew Anglin boasted on Twitter of the site’s return, but the site is now inaccessible at the domain name.

The neo-Nazi site has now been driven to the dark web in an effort to stay alive, making it inaccessible for most people. For now at least the site is “accessible through the anonymous browsing tool Tor and not indexed by search engines,” reports The Guardian.

Even Cloudflare, which previously was reported as refusing to cancel their dealings with the Daily Stormer has now “has fired neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer as a customer”, reports The Whir.

There are string of companies now refusing to be associated with the Neo-Nazis as well as these. Airbnb has banned users it believes are neo-Nazis from booking in Charlottesville, according to Quartz. Discord has shut down a server used by another far-right website,, Uber banned a white supremacist following racists comments made to an Uber driver while they were sleeping in the backseat, GoFundMe took down campaigns to raise money for the alleged murderer of Heyer, Facebook has taken to deleting links to hate-filled articles, WordPress shut down a white supremacist blog, Spotify has removed “hate music” and hosting platform Squarespace removed white supremacist websites in a reversal from its previous policy of non-intervention.