Russia Files Application for .ДЕТИ (.CHILDREN)

[news release] Smart Internet Foundation has filed an application for a new generic top level domain, .ДЕТИ (Russian for “children”). Technical Center of Internet has aided the foundation in completing and filing an application for the domain.

According to New gTLD program terms, the applicant has to provide extensive information regarding proposed domain’s mission, terms and conditions for users and market perspectives for the new domain, as well as proof of enough financial and technical resources to run the domain. Smart Internet Foundation and Techincal Center of Internet worked together to elaborate a massive code for the proposed domain, with an application taking about 500 pages of text.

It is worth noting that Russian government officials have praised the idea of creating a special domain, .ДЕТИ, for younger Internet users, with Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia, backing the initiative in October 2011 at Agency of Strategic Initiatives meeting.

“Thanks to ICANN’s new gTLD program, the appearance of global network is due to change in the next years,” says Ilya Peresedov, Smart Internet Foundation’s executive director. “It is very good to see Russian companies filing a certain number of applications, and I’m very proud that one of the most promising projects, .ДЕТИ, is within Smart Internet Foundation’s area of activity”. Smart Internet Foundation was founded by the Coordination Center in 2011. One of the major tasks for the foundation is to create safe, stable and captivating Internet playground for younger audiences.

“For the Coordination Center, .ДЕТИ is an initiative directed on society, with Smart Internet Foundation created specifically to serve this purpose,” Andrei Kolesnikov, the Coordination Center CEO, notes. “We hope to gain ICANN’s approval and, in a year or so, to start creating an unique Internet space for kids where Russia’s small citizens will have lots of fascinating experiences suitable for them, while being protected from inappropriate content”.

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