Russia Blocks Web Content Amid Tension Over Ukraine

The Russian authorities on Thursday blocked three websites and a blog, including platforms used by the opposition figures Aleksei A. Navalny and Garry K. Kasparov, saying that Russia’s general prosecutor had ordered the sites closed because they had encouraged “illegal activities and participation in public events held in violation of the established order.”The moves came amid rising tensions over the crisis in Ukraine, and a day after a sudden personnel reshuffle that installed a pro-Kremlin journalist at the helm of one of Russia’s most popular independent online news sites, The step came after the site published an interview with the leader of a Ukrainian nationalist organization. On Thursday, the site announced that 39 of its 84 employees had resigned. see:Websites of Putin critics blocked in Russia
Moscow has blocked access to four websites run by opponents and critics of President Vladimir Putin.The blog of opponent Alexei Navalny, two news sites and one run by Garry Kasparov were blocked on the orders of Russia’s prosecutor general’s office.In a statement, it said the blocks were imposed because of the sites’ role in helping stage recent illegal protests.Critics said the blocks were just the latest in a series of moves by Russia’s government to stifle dissent.

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