.RU Suspends 195 Malicious Domains In January

RU Coordination Center logoIn January 2014, Group-IB, an Internet security company, filed 199 suspension notices to accredited domain registrars, resulting in 191 suspended .ru domain names. Of the eight domain names that remain delegated, seven were unsuspended after their owners addressed the causes which had led to the suspension. These domain names were unsuspended by a special request made by CERT-GIB.

Most of the detected malicious domains were botnet controllers (47%), while phishing resources constituted the smallest part of the malicious domains (13%).

Group-IB partners search for and detect malicious domains under an agreement with the RU Coordination Center to combat malicious activities in .RU and .РФ Russian domains. Group-IB’s competencies include tackling criminal activities in Russian domains .RU and .РФ, such as phishing, unauthorised access, spreading malware and controlling botnets.

For detailed information on how to report cyber threats and other malicious activities, see the RU Coordination Center’s website.