Royal website gets a makeover worthy of the digital age

She regularly e-mails her grandchildren, enjoys listening to her iPod, and has become something of a YouTube phenomenon. Today, the Queen burnishes her growing technological credentials by relaunching the royal website, with new features that even the most web-savvy whizzkids would be proud of.The revamped Royal website, which goes live this afternoon, will be unveiled by Her Royal Highness at a reception at Buckingham Palace with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. royal website: Now with Queen-tracker map and corgi updates
I first stumbled on the official royal family website back in 2004 when I wanted to track down a good chronology of kings and queens. What I found was an extremely slick, well designed and informative site that was quite ahead of its time in terms of usability.The first official royal site launched in 1997 and even then, recorded an astonishing amount of traffic – more than 100 million people visited the site in its first 12 months. Various crises have also triggered traffic spikes, including the death of Diana. That drove 35 million users to the site in just one week. Average traffic now is a very respectable 250,000 users per week. to launch new-look website
The Queen is to relaunch her website at a Buckingham Palace reception in the company of the world wide web’s inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.The royal site, which started in 1997, will include more video material as well as historical documents. watchers can track British Queen on website
More than 30 years after she sent her first email, the Queen will unveil a new version of her website on Thursday that allows her subjects to keep track of the royal family using an online map.The revamped site,, displays the royals’ past and future engagements on an interactive Google map.

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