Role of ICANN in Internet Domain Name Dispute Resolution by S.V. Damodar Reddy

Abstract: ICANN is an apex authority responsible for the administration of domain names, IP address numbers and protocol parameters. The domain name is much like an entry in a phone book. Computers communicate by using numbers called IP addresses to contact each other, much like we use a phone number to dial a specific person’s phone.

There are numerous domain name disputes that have come up for consideration of courts all over the world. To name a few, Intermatic vs. Toeppen, Actmedia Inc. vs. Active Media Int’l, Inc., Panavision vs. Toeppen in the USA, British Telecommunications Plc. vs. One in a Million Ltd., Marks & Spencer’s vs. One-in-a-Million in the UK; and vs. Akash Arora, Rediff Communication vs. Cyberbooth & Anr, Tata Sons Ltd. vs. Monu Kasuri & Others, Satyam Infoway Ltd. vs. Sifynet Solutions Pvt. Ltd., in India are of importance. It was held that Internet domain names are subject to the same legal norms applicable to other intellectual properties such as trademarks.

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