Rock Phish may be using fast flux in phishing attacks

[IDG] Mysterious hacker group has devised new method that obscures their tracks, deceives researchers, and prolongs life of phishing campaignsThe elusive “Rock Phish” group continues to be innovative. The group appears to have started using the “fast flux” method to fool researchers and elude detection, according to new security research.Cambridge University security researchers Richard Clayton and Tyler Moore tracked 30,000 phishing reports that came in through Phish Tank, a clearinghouse that tracks phishing sites, between February and April 2007. They found a link between Rock Phish and the fast flux approach.The researchers logged their findings, among other things, in a paper, “Examining the Impact of Website Takedown on Phishing,” that computer science doctoral candidate Moore presented at the Anti-Phishing Work Group (APWG) eCrime Researchers Summit in Pittsburgh on Thursday.,138079-pg,1/article.html

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