RNIDS Introduces RSreg – New Functions And Greater Registration Security From 26 July

Serbian National Internet Domain Registry RNIDS logoOn 26th July the RNIDS Foundation will move to a new Domain name registration system called RSreg 2.0. The new system will be used for the registration of .rs and .срб domain names. The new RSreg software is the result of several years of development by local experts and has all the features that fit the requirements of modern registries.

During the handover to the new system, the registration of new domain names and the service for registered domains availability check (Whois), will temporarily be offline – from the morning of 26th July to later that afternoon. There will be no interruption to the operation of existing registered domains, and visitors to sites on the national internet domains will not notice the move to RSreg 2.0 at all.

The new domain name registration system will provide additional support to RNIDS registrars and allow them to use the standard EPP protocol, also used in the registration of generic domains (.com and others). It will also allow the new General Terms and Conditions for the Registration of National Internet Domain Names to come into force. These terms emphasize the requirement to supply a correct e-mail address for the registrant, which will now be compulsory for verifying data on a registered domain name. The new system will provide new functions such are Registry lock (server side domain lock), more secure change of registrant and domain transfer with the use of an authentication code.

The registration system is based on an advanced, high-uptime, virtualized computing infrastructure and new software. The software architecture was designed by the Belgrade University Faculty of Electrical Engineering, with a modular structure that allows for greater reliability, security and performance, as well as easier maintenance and upgrading.

The new General Terms and Conditions for the Registration of National Internet Domain Names is available here.