RIPE NCC Makes Record Number of IPv6 Allocations

RIPE logoThe months of October and November 2007 set new records for the number of IPv6 allocations made in a single month by the RIPE NCC according to a recent announcement from RIPE, the Réseaux IP Européens.

24 allocations were made to RIPE NCC members in October, a record immediately broken by the 31 allocations made in November. The previous peak was 19 allocations in a single month, which was achieved on three separate occasions in 2003, 2004 and 2007.

This surge in demand for IPv6 address space follows recent changes in the IPv6 allocation policy, which made it easier to get IPv6 allocations. The increase also comes in the wake of the publication of the RIPE Community Resolution on IPv4 Depletion and Deployment of IPv6. This statement, released immediately after the RIPE 55 meeting in Amsterdam in October, urged all Internet industry stakeholders, including ISPs, governments and regulators, to take steps to foster the accelerating deployment of IPv6. The text of this resolution can be found at:

The deployment of IPv6 across the Internet has been a subject of growing global interest, particularly as it relates to the diminishing pool of free IPv4 address space, and the impact that this will have on the ongoing growth and future stability of the Internet.

More information on RIPE and their announcement is available from