RIM ‘optimistic’ about BlackBerry in India

BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion is “optimistic” the company can resolve security demands from the Indian government regarding its popular smartphone.According to Reuters, RIM vice president Robert Crow said the Canadian firm’s negotiations with Indian officials are “a step in a long journey”.To read this report in The Guardian in full, see:
www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/aug/13/blackberry-india-security-demands-rimAlso see:BlackBerry assures India on access to services
Research In Motion has promised India a technical solution for decoding encrypted BlackBerry data, a senior official said on Friday, a step that could allay Indian security concerns about the smartphone and avert a shutdown.Indian authorities, who met with RIM officials on Friday, also pledged to go after other companies — including Google and Skype — to protect the country from cyber-spying and attacks planned over the Internet.

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