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Rightside Announces Record-Setting Demand for Its .NEWS Domains

Rightside logo[news release] Rightside, a leading provider of domain name services that advance the way businesses and individuals define and present themselves online, today announced record-setting demand for its .NEWS Web addresses.

.NEWS Web addresses will help all businesses and organizations — large and small; new and old; local, regional, national and global — build their brands while harnessing the vast power of the personalized Web.

Already, a wide range of high-profile companies and organizations — including Amazon, Apple, Chrysler, Dow Jones, Fox, Gannett, Goldman Sachs, LinkedIn, London Stock Exchange, Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Oracle, T-Mobile, UnderArmour and UPS — have purchased .NEWS Web addresses. Additionally, early adopters of the new Web addresses — the Los Angeles Times (www.latimes.news) and PinkNews (www.pink.news) — have already activated their .NEWS Web addresses and are using them for an improved “branded navigation” experience.

Based on early sales interest, this top-tier customer list will only grow. As previously reported, .NEWS was Rightside’s most successful Web address in the pre-launch phase to date — with over 1,000 registrations. On the first day in General Availability, registration of .NEWS Web addresses continued to set new records compared to registration of Rightside’s other Web addresses on the first day, far surpassing internal projections with 8,790 registrations. .NEWS Web addresses are quickly moving up the ranks of Rightside’s most registered Web addresses in its overall new Top Level Domain (nTLD) portfolio – currently sitting in the 5th position just two weeks into General Availability, with over 15,000 registrations to date.

“We’re incredibly pleased and deeply gratified by the powerful and positive reception that .NEWS Web addresses are receiving in the marketplace,” says Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu. “Clearly, .NEWS Web addresses are being embraced far and wide — way beyond just the traditional media organizations.”

Adds Bill Glenn, Vice President of Marketing at Rightside, “There are 300 hours of video added to YouTube every minute, 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook each day, and 500 million tweets every 24 hours, so the Internet is definitely buzzing all the time. But we’re confident that .NEWS Web addresses can help businesses and organizations stand out, differentiate and distinguish themselves. This is a potent and innovative way to build stronger brands.”

How .NEWS Web Addresses Can Help Businesses and Organizations Everywhere

There are three main ways that Rightside and .NEWS Web addresses can help businesses and organizations:

First, the “streamlined navigation” play — < Brand > .news. For example, Acme.news makes it easier for everyone on the Web to find and read Acme’s blog without having to rely on multiple news sources or third-party news platforms to distribute or promote it. Also for publicly-traded companies, < Acme’sStockTickerSymbol > .news can be used to brand an investor relations Web page and make it more efficient for investors and shareholders to obtain a company’s financial news. Furthermore, Acme.news can be used as a way to rebrand a social media platform Web address, like Twitter, providing easier brand recall and immediate navigation to breaking news for those “following” the organization.

Second, the “branded navigation” or “product advertising” play — < BrandProduct > .news or < BrandProductOffer > .news. For example, AcmeWidget.news or AcmeWidgetBOGO.news makes it simpler for everyone on the Web to more quickly navigate to a destination that has updates, reviews or the latest updates on a company or organization’s specific product, service or special offer of interest. In addition to driving more revenue, this makes it clear to everyone on the Web that the company is a viable and valuable place to buy and sell goods and services.

Third, the “brand your category” play — < Category > .news. For example, GreenEnergy.news makes it simpler for everyone on the Web (plus search engines) to find news and information about the category that a business or organization is associated with while improving overall search engine rankings in the process.

As with all Rightside Web addresses, .NEWS Web addresses are platform agnostic. They work on both desktop and mobile devices and can be configured to work with mobile apps.

“Customers want options online and .NEWS does a great job describing what visitors can expect to find,” says GoDaddy Senior Director of Product Marketing Theresa Geraghty. “The .NEWS domain has everything a successful new Web address needs. It’s short, relevant and memorable.”

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