Right of Disabled People to Accessible Internet by Amir Majid

Abstract: Regarding the civil rights of disabled people, I have not come across any test of welfare more potent than that authoritatively enunciated in the UK House of Lords by Lord Slynn of Hadley (a jurist of brilliant distinction). Lord Slynn adopts a purposive and justice-oriented approach to this issue and recommends that a nation shouldstrive to enable a disabled person lead as “normal life” as possible. His Lordship emphasised that “the yardstick of a “normal life” is important; it is a better approach than adopting the test as to whether something is ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’.Social life in the sense of mixing with others, taking part in activities with others, undertaking recreation and cultural activities can be part of normal life. It is not in any way unreasonable that the severely disabled person should wish to be involved in them despite his disability.” In this article, the laws in the international scene, the EU, the US and the UK will be surveyed briefly. The search will be for finding a legal right to accessible internet for people with disabilities. Then the evaluative remarks will be made on how nations are promulgating pro-disabled laws and what action they are taking to enforce these laws.

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