Rick Latona Auctions starts charity auction on behalf of WhyPark.com – Registration and Bidding now open on beta platform

[news release] Rick Latona Auctions has been working on a proprietary auction platform in collaboration with its sister companies. This week only, it’ll be open to preview and beta test at www.latonas.com. Once the auction is complete the system will be locked back down.

The WhyPark.com charity auction is a real auction with people bidding for real domains and spending real money” stated Rick Latona, CEO of Rick Latona Auctions, “however, it is a beta test of the software and website. The full version with many more features will be released in early January, well ahead of our Main Event at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas. This is only a sneak preview of what we have been working on”.

The WhyPark/Latona’s auction has already started and it ends on Friday at 3:00pm EST at www.Latonas.com.  Rick Latona Auctions would like to invite you to take a look at the system, register for the auction, bid, and give comments on the your experience. Don’t bid unless you want the name, however! This is a live auction.

“We have our team standing by to make improvements,” said David Clements, President of Rick Latona Auctions.  “We see this as a valuable opportunity to wind up with a platform that is custom suited to our industry, and we really would like to get honest feedback from participants of this first auction.”

Registration and bidding for the auction will be at www.latonas.com all week.  This is where you will go to view the catalog and register and bid in the auction.

For any technical questions related to the auction software and to report bugs, please email bugs@latonas.com. For any questions about Rick Latona Auctions, please email David Clements at david@ricklatona.com.

About Rick Latona Auctions:

Rick Latona Auctions is an industry leader in the brokerage of domains and domain auctions.  This industry has exceeded 428,000,000 US Dollars in total sales1 representing over 54,000 individual domains sold since October 2003.  Auctions attract branding managers and executives looking to buy domains to increase their company’s market share against their competitors.  Registered bidders from a live audience and those watching the live online video and audio broadcast compete with one another buying domain names.  Rick Latona Auctions is proud to be the exclusive auction company for all six T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conferences in 2010.  Rick Latona Auctions also can assist you by acting as your domain name broker for a domain purchase or sale.  For additional information, please visit www.RickLatona.com/auctions.